Desktop Support

We offer something a little different than standard Desktop Support personnel. Instead, we provide Support services for Desktop Support groups. What that means is we specialize in providing experienced onsite technicians that are focused on doing the repetitive, mundane tasks that IT staff everywhere dread doing. You turn the tasks over to us, and we deal with them. To wit, this list would include things such as the following:

  • Employee equipment moves and setups
  • Hardware reclamation and processing
  • Hard drive destruction
  • Device Imaging
  • Inventory management
  • Device disposal
  • Device refresh

By providing someone focused on handling these duties you free up your support staff allowing them to focus on other challenges, and you introduce a larger degree of regularity and predictability into your support schedules.

If you have a Print Problem We can help you get squared away

Convergence Printhub Intranet

Other Services

Aside from our primary services listed above, we also do some other stuff

To the right is a brief list of some of the other services that we offer. To find out more please contact us, we’d love to speak with you

Print Environment Design

We can help you either redesign your existing print environment or plan a new one from scratch.

Print Environment Streamline

We can help you clean up and streamline your existing print environment to maximize usability, save money and reduce support calls.

Print Environment Migration

Need to get all those queues and drivers off your old and busted servers and onto the new hotness and make the transition transparent to your end users? We can help.

Print Environment Applications

We can assist you with recommendations and installation of any of the latest and greatest software packages available for the print management space.

Surveys and Recommendations

If you just want us to do a survey of your existing environment and give you our recommendations of what needs to be done we’re your Huckleberry.

Fiery Server Support

Do you have printers that use Fiery server units? We can provide advanced usage instructions, calibration and support options.

Fleet Contract Negotiations

If you are planning on renewing or refreshing any Fleet copier contracts we can provide expert advice to assist you in making sure you get the best fit for your needs.

Audit Report Analysis

We can review and analyze reports provided by any of your current auditing software applications and make recommendations (if necessary) for improvements and changes.